4 Gay Male Generations Have A Conversation

This Salon from April 6, 2008, featured Jeremiah Jackson, Shawn Boling & Phil Johnson.

Four gay Male Generations have a conversation about what they share in common as well as their differences…about their needs from and obligations to the other generations.

Download this episode (MP3, 69 MB, 1 Hour).

Listen to this episode (select arrow below):

Books and websites mentioned in this episode:

Oak Lawn’s transformation dates way back,
Dallas Voice, Feb 8, 2007
Cedar Springs group wants to reclaim strip,
Dallas Voice, Nov 29, 2007
The Roundup Saloon
The Phil Johnson Historic Archives & Research Library
John Thomas Gay & Lesbian Community Center
Burgess House Creative Communication

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2 Responses to “4 Gay Male Generations Have A Conversation”

  1. Robert Martens Says:

    Well Done Mr. Vanderslice!

  2. Dave Johnston Says:

    Thank you for putting together and sharing this podcast. Is there a generational obligation to preserve and share our stories, our history? I think there is. Are we doing enough to facilitate this? No, but there is still hope. Please, keep the conversation going.

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