What Is Art?

This salon was recorded at the Buli Cafe on the Cedar Springs Strip in Dallas on Sunday, April 20, 2008. Our opening question was a slippery one: What Is Art? At first, it seems to be a question with easy answers, but, as the conversation progressed and the salon members dug deeper into the subject, more complex questions were generated. Can There Be Good And Bad Art? Who Decides? How Is It Decided? Do We Need Art? Do We Have To Understand Art For It To Have Value? Can Anyone Be An Artist? Three very smart and creative people gathered, with me, around the square table in the cafe’s Library Nook to consider todays subject. Writer, blogger, and regular salon member JEREMIAH JACKSON, who’s nickname is “RJ”, was back along with another regular, BRIAN PRICE, a student of Urban Anthropology at the University of North Texas. Our third guest, making his first visit to the salon, was JAMES BATCHELOR. James is a student of the Liberal Arts, working on a double major in French and History at Southern Methodist University. As you listen in on our lively discussion, be prepared to have your own assumptions challenged as we consider the question: What Is Art?

Download this episode (MP3, 69.1 MB, 1 Hour).

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