The Endless Race: Obama/Clinton

This Salon, from April 27, 2008, was recorded during the very heated Democratic Party nomination race, shortly after the Pennsylvania primary which Hillary Clinton won with a 9+% point advantage over Barack Obama. Her only real chance to win rests with the Super Delegates choosing her over the winner of the most Regular Delegates during the long primary season, Barack Obama. We don’t know what the outcome will be, yet, but everyone agrees that this race will produce big history. The first Black presidential nominee or the first Woman presidential nominee and, likely, the first Black or Female president. It’s the biggest story of the year. Gathered, with RICK VANDERSLICE, around the square table in the Library Nook at the Buli Cafe are three astute political observers. Regular salon member JOHN SELIG, a writer, teacher, and blogger returns. Newcomer BRUCE MONROE, is a veteran Gay Rights activist and past president of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance. Also joining the salon for the first time is ROY CALHOUN, former head of visual merchandizing for JC Penny, Inc. and a keen cultural and political observer. Both candidates have their advocates in todays salon with passions and energy running high, at times. But, the consequences of this contest couldn’t be greater for both the Democratic Party and the nation.

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Books and websites mentioned in this episode:

Bill Moyers Interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright
Full Audio of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 Sermon
Huffington Post: McCain in 2008 = Clinton in 2012
Barak Obama Campaign
Hillary Clinton Campaign

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