Cedar Springs: Dallas’ Historic Gay Center Embraces Change

Every Sunday afternoon, as we record The Buli Salon, in the cozy Library Nook of the Buli Cafe, we look out on an eclectic mix of people sauntering along the busy, historic Cedar Springs Road in Dallas’ Oak Lawn district. It’s the heart and soul of this cities powerful and dynamic Gay community. Like other famous Gay centers around the country, including “The Castro” in San Francisco, LA’s “West Hollywood”, and New York’s “Chelsea”, gentrification has begun to influence the look, character and property values of “Cedar Springs” transforming it into one of the priciest and most desired places to live, work and play in all of Dallas. Joining RICK VANDERSLICE today to discuss the colorful past, dynamic present, and possible future of this unique place are three Cedar Springs business owners. TODD SEATON & DAVID RICHARDSON own several places along the strip including: Outlines, a contemporary edge fashion store; Skivvies, featuring one of the largest men’s underwear selections anywhere; and Tapelenders, claiming the most complete Gay & Lesbian film library in the world. Also, SCOTT WHITTALL, co-owner of the Buli Cafe, Bakery & Bistro and, of course, our gracious host for The Buli Salons.

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