What’s Happening To The Middle Class?

This salon was recorded on Sunday, July 20, 2008, in Dallas, around the square table in the Buli Cafe’s Library Nook. This is the age of increasing globalization. expanding world markets and big changes in the American middle class. Is our middle class shrinking? Most everyone sees and feels these changes, even economists, though they do differ on what direction the exit from this class most are taking, up or down. If our country was built on the idea or a strong middle class, believing it to be essential to maintaining democracy, what should we make of these changes? Isn’t America the richest, most successful society on the planet? If not, when did that change? Why has it changed? Joining RICK VANDERSLICE to consider these issues are 3 favorite, middle class, salon members: Writer/blogger/poet RJ JACKSON; social/political observer ROY CALHOUN; activist/writer/podcaster JOHN SELIG.

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