Why Do We Love Beautiful People More?

This salon was recorded Sunday August 3, 2008 at the Buli Cafe on the Cedar Springs Strip in Dallas. Host RICK VANDERSLICE brings a provocative question to The Buli Salon today: Why Do We Love Beautiful People More? You might disagree with exact definitions of what makes a person beautiful, but that definition wouldn’t be that far off from most others. And, if we’re honest, we have to confess that beautiful people do cast spells on us. Why is that so? Is it a good or necessary thing? Should we broaden the definition to include more? If beauty is only skin deep, is that enough? Joining Rick at the square table in the Library Nook are two salon favorites. Writer/blogger/poet RJ JACKSON and social/political observer ROY CALHOUN. Since this is an audio forum, we should assert that both RJ and ROY are exceptionally attractive people. Your host, on the other hand, will continue to dwell, safely, in the audio realm.

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