The Buli Salon Story

Conversations from the Buli Cafe with Rick Vanderslice

…a new Internet podcast salon recorded live each week from the popular Cedar Springs Road location in Dallas.

The Salon is a place to awaken and strengthen the natural, almost genetic, abilities of community and step out of the blurring pace of modern life into a safe, common space where conversation has the power to open up the world.

By definition a salon is a small, informal group of people in a community from diverse backgrounds and experiences who gather regularly for engaging, stimulating and entertaining conversation on matters of importance to the whole community.

Since our distant ancestors first gathered around the fire, most cultures have had some social form like the salon. It’s basic to being human. All people need to get together and talk over the things they care about and believe in. Salons can be very powerful, too. American anthropologist Margaret Mead once famously said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

American society encourages and professes to admire a certain kind of isolation—the isolation of self-sufficiency. The importance of community is de-emphasized, but the need for a sense of belonging does not go away. People need places to engage their need for intellectual stimulation, to share their lives with their neighbors and to find a way out of their isolation. That is what the Buli Cafe provides this community. And it is my hope that our weekly Buli Salon podcast will help dissolve the alienation and angst that infects so much of America and our community today. My goal for these conversations is to offer some sense of understanding to a complicated time and world.

Cafés have always been centers of intellectual and artistic activity, birthplace of new ideas, even foundries of revolution. Our conversations from the Buli Cafe will try to capture the creative energy, diversity and challenges of our community each week in our stimulating discussions recorded live from the café’s library nook and archived and freely available in podcast form on our website.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore summed it up nicely when he recently said “The Internet is a revolutionary medium…it’s good at inviting people back into the conversation.” Our goal is to do just that, to bring everyone in our community into the conversation, to feel a sense of belonging and engagement.

The Buli Salon is a marriage of place and medium. Each week everyone can engage with it live, in person, at the cafés Cedar Springs location in Dallas.

I’ve had a long, satisfying career in radio and TV highlighted by my several years hosting “The Evening Talk Show with Rick Vanderslice” on NPR affiliate KERA FM in Dallas. On my program I had the opportunity to have conversations with writers, entertainers, politicians, academics, philosophers, students, business leaders, revolutionaries and regular people, too. Engaging interesting, creative, thinking people in stimulating conversation is the most satisfying experience in the world for me. I look forward to continuing the conversations at the Bule Cafe with The Buli Salon. I hope the listeners experience will be equally satisfying.

—Rick Vanderslice


2 Responses to “The Buli Salon Story”

  1. Rick,

    Love the way the program is progressing and now that I am back in town from my travels I would enjoy haveing a chance to chat with you.


  2. Steve Walters Says:


    I’ve always enjoyed your on-air work and now I’m enjoying your podcast work.

    AND I just cast one of my votes for you to be inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck,
    Steve Walters

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